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Weird Fashion: Zentai Morphsuits

Zentai is a japanese term for popular skin tight bodysuits that cover the entire body from head to toe. Zentai suits are typically made of nylon, spandex or lycra. The thin material allows you to see, breathe and drink through the suits.

Some western companies, such as Rootsuit, Morphsuits, Bodysocks, Second Skins, Jaskins and Jyhmiskin have tried to popularize these spandex bodysuits in America and Europe.

Currently the most successful manufacturer is Morphsuits, a company founded in Edinburgh, Scotland by 2 brothers and their roommate. Their company offers over 80 different designs. Although Morphsuits is a brand name, many people use it as a generic term for all zentai suits, similar to how some people call all vacuum cleaners "Hoovers" or all paper tissues "Kleenex."

Morphsuits are wildly popular in Europe, but can also be seen in the United States and Canada more and more often, for example while fans wear them during major sporting events. Other applications of the bodysuits have included music videos (Black Eyed Peas' song "Boom Boom Pow" and their live performance at the Super Bowl), breast cancer awareness marches, fashion modeling on an episode of America's Next Top Model, as Halloween costumes, as a tool in social anxiety workshops, during psychological research and social experiments, in an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the street performers The Body Poets wear them during their rap performances.

Morphsuits in Paris, France

Morphsuits in London, England

Morphsuit fans who like to go out in their suits regularly, refer to themselves as Morphs, and the act of zipping up in their suits and going out is called morphing.

What do you think about Morphsuits?

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