Unfortunately Skype doesn't have a built-in feature to record Skype video calls. But whether you would like to save a video chat with your girlfriend or your grandmother on the other side of the country, at some point you will want to record some of your video conversations.

There are several third party software providers that allow you to record Skype audio calls and video calls. In most cases the process is pretty easy and self-explanatory. You just click the start button and it will begin recording your Skype video call until you click stop or hang up.

These Skype recorders can record your Skype video calls and save them in most popular formats, like .mp4, .wmv, and .avi files. In some Skype recorders, it is also possible to record audio calls only, or isolate and save the audio portion of Skype video calls in .mp3 or .wav format. All of these video and audio formats can be easily played using the Windows Media Player, VLC Player or DivX Player and most other common audio-video players.

Listed below are brief reviews of the Top 5 most popular Skype recorders today:

1. AthTek Skype Recorder $29.95
AthTek Skype Recorder is probably the best Skype video recorder on the market right now. It can not only record Skype video calls but also record anything else that's happening on your screen, including in game video recording while you play your favorite video game. AthTek Skype Recorder features automatic recording, upload to audio/video sharing channels, and you can even add descriptive notes to recorded files. This recorder also features a stealth mode for parental control, voice recording, and video game recording.

2. Evaer Skype Recorder $19.95
Evaer Skype Recorder is one of the most popular and widely preferred audio and video recorders for Windows. It has a clean and simple user interface which is easy to understand and use even if you're not a computer expert. This recorder has been a top choice for many Skype users as it is great for recording family video calls, conference calls, podcasts, online language and other lessons, interviews, or your usual conversation with a friend. It's very reliable even for recording long Skype video calls. Another interesting feature is the automatic chat reply and the option to add notes to your calls. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee in the unlikely even that you're not happy with the product. Just make sure you always have the latest version of Evaer installed, because using an outdated version of this recorder may cause occasional problems.

3. Pamela $27.82
Despite its odd name, Pamela is another very popular Skype recorder software with some advanced features, like the ability to record podcasts for your vlog, if you're a video blogger with dreams of making it big as the next great Youtube star. Pamela offers a 30 day free trial.

4. Vodburner $99.95
Vodburner offers crystal-clear Skype video and audio recording on Windows. The built-in video editor has a variety of useful video production tools. You can edit your videos in split-screen (side by side), or this side / other side camera views in the post-production console. You can even add subtitles.

5. Movavi Screen Capture $29.95
Movavi offers two different onscreen video recorders, a basic version and a more advanced version called Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Both programs can capture any type of screen activity and save it to any popular video format. No matter what you want to record: a screencast for a video tutorial, online video, Flash animation from a website, or a video chat with your family and friends, Screen Capture will help you to record it as a high quality video at a speed of up to 60 frames per second. The more expensive Studio version of Movavi can also upload to YouTube, Facebook, FTP, or S3. Its wide range of recording, editing and production tools make it a great screen recording program for both casual and professional users. You can use it to capture your entire desktop or a specific area, application or window. It's also great for recording streaming video, video games, video VoIP calls and more.